about us

The Arts Room was set up by Oldham Theatre Workshop and Oldham Council Extended Services to provide educators, community representatives and local authority staff with the connections and resources to help them develop and deliver their own creative activities and projects. With support and funding from an AGMA (The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) and Arts Council partnership, the service now operates across the ten Greater Manchester Boroughs and provides opportunities for more people to share information and resources and receive support and advice.

We work with artists to help them promote their participatory work to teachers, educators, youth groups, community groups, arts organisations, healthcare settings and anyone who might be looking for an artist to work with a group of people in a creative, participatory way. We provide clients with a free comprehensive practitioner database, inspiration, advice, and signposting, helping them keep up to date with creative networks, opportunities and events across Greater Manchester.

We are committed to supporting artists and arts organisations whatever stage they are at in their development and work alongside regional networks to provide artists with access to information about networking, training and funding opportunities.

The Arts Room’s mission is to encourage engagement in quality participatory arts projects across Greater Manchester and to provide those who commission and deliver them with the inspiration, connections and resources to make them successful. As an interactive service we aim to provide a space to support, inform and inspire you!